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Welcome to Knowledge is Power, France is Bacon by me, Angela Volkov. A newsletter which will one day be graced by a banner depicting Francis Bacon, father of empiricism, riding a flying pig over Paris. Or, I dunno, the pig will be wearing a beret and clutching a baguette and you can infer the rest yourself.

I’m glutting myself on all that life has to offer while writing about art, books, science, writing, humour, pop-psych, and all things good and ungood… now without fear of treading on the toes of power-grasping ideologues or offending the two brain cells of catch-phrase spouting zombies: “Hotdogs are dogs!”, “Child labour is labour”, and, not forgetting, “2+2 is 5 given sufficiently large values of 2”. You’re buckling yourself in for the ride.

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Then again, you might be treated to my wish-list for Human 2.0 (after all, a cybernetic body need not be a human one!) first:

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