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Decisions at national level are inherently political, and politics is determined by what politicians imagine to be the most likely vote-winners (or conversely the least likely to lose votes). This is determined by public opinion, which is shaped by the news media. As the news media relies on manufacturing sensationalistic reportage in order to grab for a few brief moments monetizable eyeballs, it follows that simplistic narratives (rarely based on a comprehensive understanding of external reality) will be the most reliable means to accomplish the job of grabbing the attention of the audience. As we are a group species, we're hardwired to play follow-the-leader and punish anyone who threatens group coherence. This is why groupthink dominates human activity, and why erroneous but suitably simplistic ideas can ultimately cause great harm. The absurd reaction to SARS-CoV2 is merely the most recent example of idiocy on a wide scale, but it only requires the briefest glance at human history to see that we're prone to such outbreaks of harm-inducing idiocy on a fairly regular basis.

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It’s nice that the original injected Polio vaccine worked, preventing both infection and transmission. (Note the modern drinkable oral Polio vaccine doesn’t always do that.)

So I simply compare new vaccines to the original Polio vaccine and ask… does this new vaccine prevent infection & transmission.

My family’s experience of the mRNA COVID (so-called) vaccines… is a BIG FAT “NO!”

We were vaccinated properly using 3 different brands of mRNA amidst our various family members. EVERYONE caught COVID.

And family transmitted it to family.

Then there’s the reality that the US CDC changed the definition of a “vaccine” to justify calling this mRNA experiment such.

But OBVIOUSLY it is NOT a vaccine that prevents infection NOR prevents transmission. Frankly it’s a sick joke (that’s made a few people very wealthy).

Redefining of “vaccine”…


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